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Transfer Designs

Transfer Designs can be made to a variety of fabrics and surfaces.  Typically using a combination of Heat and Pressure we can:

Photo Quality images to Mousepads, Key Chains, T-shirts, Coffee Mugs, etc....  This technology does not work on Cotton fabrics. No limit to colors. Because the image is 'dyed' into the item there is no change to the surface feel.

Heat Transfer drawn (vector) art text and designs to T-shirts, jackets, other fabric surfaces to create your own customized apparel.  Great for Company Logos, Family reunions, clubs, etc...  As this is not a photo process there are limits to the colors and design capabilities.  (These are the typical 'screen printed' designs you see all the time).  We do not screen print so our process typically has a slightly softer feel on the fabric than the plastic feel of screen printing.