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Measurements for Online ordering

Growing trends show that nearly 50% of Prom and Wedding Dresses and Suits are now ordered
from ONLINE stores.

eShopping while convenient and often times saving money on the initial purchase comes with a 
disadvantage of not being able to try on the clothing items.  Nearly every site has differing sets
of measurements.  AdornAble is now ready to assit you with your ONLINE ordering.

Bring the measurement instructions from the website you intend to purchase from to our Store 
at 2026 S. Main, Joplin (we're open M-F 8am to 6 pm and Sat 9am to Noon).  We'll provide measurement
services for only $ 20.  AdornAble can't be responsible for the actual fit of what you order (we can't control
how the website you buy from actually uses your measurements or makes your clothing), but to help out if your item needs some alterations we'll give you that same $20 as a credit against the needed and necessary

Just as we always do with a fitting, we'll give you our best advice and standard prices.  Once we quote you
the price you can still decide whether you want to continue with the alterations or return your item to your
online source.

Obviously, the measurement fee is not refundable (we've spent our time afterall) and isn't transferrable to
another person or another type of garment.

It's simple and easy and only takes a few minutes.